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The First Immortal Of The Seven Realms Episode 5

The First Immortal of the Seven Realms Episode 1-4 [MULTI SUB]

ONA Sub Sub Released on February 25, 2022 · ? views · Posted by MichTube · series The First Immortal of the Seven Realms

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The First Immortal of the Seven Realms Episode 1-4 French, English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, German & Hindi subtitle.

The First Immortal of the Seven Realms

Rating 9.0
Status: Ongoing Network: Studio: Released: Feb 24, 2022 Duration: 10 min. per ep Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 60 Fansub: MichTube
Liang Xi, a fortune teller, rescued the immortal Yuwen Qingyang out of kindness. Under the instruction of Yuwen Qingyang, Liang Xi went to Tianlingmen to learn arts. On the way, Liang Xi met a little white fox who was inexplicably kind and walked together. Liang Xi, who took Tianlingmen as the starting point of his practice, made friends and masters and obtained the mysterious weapon Kanshuiblade from the monster by accident. The Kan water blade is the magic weapon of the founder of Yunlu Xianju, and they asked Liang Xi to return it, but if Liang Xi can make the dragon breath temper the Kan water blade, they will not hold it accountable, otherwise, Tianlingmen will pay the price. Seeing that Yunlu Xianju was trying to find fault, Liang Xi decided to go to the East China Sea to find the dragon, but because of accidentally inhaling the blood of the dragon, he became the first dragon relative in the world. After explaining the situation to the Dragon God, Liang Xi fulfilled the request made by the Dragon God, successfully made the Kan Shui Blade tempered by the dragon’s breath, and also rescued the master. The appearance of Yunlu Xianju is just an episode. When Tianlingmen's headmaster Qingmu Taoist broke through Jinxian and exited the customs, a space crack suddenly appeared in the sky above Tianlingmen, and the two-headed ancestor who appeared from it attacked with a human-faced spider. , once kidnapped Liang Xi outside the human world, and when his life was in crisis, the Heaven-shattering Seal broke out and rescued Liang Xi. After this incident, Liang Xi finally had a territory of his own – the Sangqu River. The Sangqu River has a special location. Not to mention the border of Chu, it is still very barren. The sweet potato city located here has been invaded by robbers from all over the world. Liang Xi has made various efforts to improve the sweet potato city. After repelling the attack of the red-haired demon army of the robbers, in order not to sit still, Liang Xi began to investigate the situation of the robbers in Sangquhe, but gradually discovered the strangeness of the legend of Emperor Ziwei circulating in the Seven Realms. And all this gave Liang Xi a strange feeling of deja vu, which surprised Liang Xi. In order to find out the truth of everything, Liang Xi continued to improve himself and explore among the seven realms.

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The First Immortal of the Seven Realms Episode 5 [MULTI SUB]

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